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Reduce Heat & UV in Summer – Retain Heat in Winter New Smart Blind​ Keeps Your Home & Office Comfortable!

The new "No-Gap" blind system which provides real thermal benefits for home and office!
    • world class fabrics offers up to 99% UV protection
    • Deflects incoming window heat in summer
    • Retains home or office warmth in winter
    • Measurable difference in comfort levels and energy consumption
    • Black-out option for bedrooms and media rooms also available
Ideal Applications: Features:
Media / Conference Rooms Full Block-out Fabrics
Residential Homes and Apartments. 3% Openness Fabrics
Hotels. Translucent Fabrics
Medical Centres / Hospitals No Gap Aluminium Frame
Government Buildings Hand Operated with Handle and Cord
. Fully Motorised Option!
. 5 Year Warranty - Australia Wide!
We also welcome inquiries from Architects, Building designers and home owners to contact us for a Tailored solution for your next project, or existing application. Wholesale inquiries by Manufacturers and Re-sellers welcomed.

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